System specifications for SSC, NEET, Foreign languages Classes

System specifications


For Home Learning 

  • Any device for e.g Laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone
  • Latest version of AdobeFlash player & Java script version
  • Dedicated Broadband internet connection of minimum 4MBPS speed; 
  • Any good quality webcam, preferably HD camera & headphones with mic.

For Centres(Residential/Commercial)  

  • LED/LCD(40") or Projector 
  • Microphone(As per standard specifications)
  • HD Web-Cam
  • Speakers
  • Dedicated internet with minimum speed of 8MBPS(Broadband/lease line)
  • Power back-up
  • Sound proofing, if required

Other Points to be kept in mind.

  • Wired connection gives better speed than a Wifi connection.
  • Speed and quality of internet may be affected if network is shared by others.
  • Please ensure to check the available data usage as per the relevant plans.