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Shivakant S

Personal Details
City Bangalore
State Karnataka, 560001
Country India
Date of Birth March 01, 1982
Gender Male
About Shivakant S

Shivakant is a professional artists. He has been teaching art since from past 10 years. He is NET qualified by UGC (University Grant Commission) in Visual arts, graduated with a Master of Visual art with specialization in painting. He has done many art exhibitions and achieved several awards. He structures his art lessons in such a way, so students can learn easily, what they want to learn to express them self through arts, while also building a strong foundation of Basic Drawing skills. He specializes in Realistic, Abstract and Creative art style with various media i.e. Basic pencil sketching, Pencil Drawing, Ink Illustration, Charcoal and Dry media, Watercolor, Gouache, Acrylic, Oil and Mixed medias. As an expert in art field, he looks forward to help new students to achieve their goals. Through his art program Student can learn to draw, paint and see the world around them in a different and new light. All child are born creative, but if we neglect to develop and strengthen these skills, their creativity becomes inhibited. So lets encourage child to learn art. When a child creates a work of art, they are not just drawing a picture, they are also creating aspects of self importance, individuality and engaging in self expression.

Teaches Drawing & Painting

Creative Arts Institute (More than 10 Years) (6 Years)