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Level A1: Spanish Elementary

Level A1: Spanish Elementary

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Overview : Spoken in 21 countries, Spanish is one of the most important languages in the western hemisphere and the third most spoken language in the world. You’ll get started on Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and understanding that will form a basis for lifelong Spanish understanding. You’ll begin to learn and improve your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.

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  • FrequencyThrice a week
  • LevelBeginners
  • Duration2 Months
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Course Description and Objective
If you are just starting out, you can begin learning Spanish right now, with WifiClasses. For all those who wish to give the Spanish test for studying, visiting or working in Spanish speaking countries, then you ought to take the Spanish test. To begin with, you have to take the Spanish A1 level test.

A1 Starter Level course equips you with sufficient linguistic ability for a basic range of the most commonly simple expressions used in the Spanish-speaking World and in order to satisfy immediate needs of a concrete type.

  • Introduction to Spanish alphabet and pronounciation, basic greetings.
  • Professions, basic introduction.
  • Introduction of verb ‘ser’ (present indicative), expressions of ‘what’ and ‘who’.
  • Conjugation of ‘ar’ ending verbs (present indicative)
  • Expressions of ‘what’ and ‘who’
  • Nationalities and demonyms, gender and number of adjectives.
  • Definite articles; number and gender.
  • Interrogations of ‘from where’ and ‘how’, adjectives.
  • Object pronouns, singular and plural.
  • Gender and number of indefinite articles.
  • Introduction of verb ‘estar’ (present indicative), difference between uses of ‘ser’ and ‘estar’.
  • Prepositions and adverbs.
  • Conjugation of ‘er’ ending verbs (present indicative) and practice.
  • Impersonal for of verb ‘haber’ and practice, possessive adjectives.
  • Various uses of verb ‘tener’ (present indicative), family tree.

Class Delivery:

  • With Online learning you get to experience the atmosphere of a classroom right at your desk and be trained by an experienced person.
  • You can see the teacher on your screen and interact with her using headphones and a mic.
  • You can even see the notes he makes on your screen.
  • The study material will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Also, PDFs and PPTs would be shared during the class.

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