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Overview : Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used spreadsheet programs used. Excel finds use in almost all workplaces for storing and organizing any kind of data, from financial data to student data to employee records. It is one of the most efficient applications for spreadsheet making.

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Course Description and Objective

This course is for the benefit of almost everyone. One can learn Microsoft Excel from very basics easily and quickly. In this short term training, the following topics are covered:

 Getting Started with Excel

·         Starting Excel

·         Navigating within the Worksheet

·         Selecting a Cell or Range of Cells

·         Entering Data

·         Entering Cell Contents

·         Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Cell Values            

·         Copy and Paste Special

·         Saving your Workbook

·         Opening your Workbook


Managing Rows & Columns

·         Inserting, Moving & Deleting Cells

·         Managing Columns and Rows

·         Hide and Unhide Rows/Columns

·         Changing Column Width & Row Height


Managing Worksheets

·         Format Worksheet Tabs

·         Insert and Delete Worksheet

·         Move and Copy Worksheet

·         Hide & Unhide Worksheet


Formatting the Cell

·         Formatting the Cell

·         Number and Date Formatting

·         Finding and Replacing Text

·         Working with Styles


Working with Formulas and Functions

·         Excel Arithmetic Operators & Order of Operations

·         Using AutoFill Options

·         Using Commonly Used Functions

·         Using SUMIF() and COUNTIF():

·         Adding and counting only the cell you specify


Organizing Worksheet and Table Data

·         Create and Modify Tables

·         Sorting and Filtering Data in a Table

·         Getting Summary Information in a Table


Working with Chart

·         Summarizing Data Visually Using Charts

·         Customizing Chart Data

·         Format Chart Legend and Titles

·         Change the Chart Body

·         Saving the Chart as a Template

·         Creating a Pie Chart


Working with Graphics

·         Adding Pictures into a Worksheet

·         Customizing Pictures and Objects

·         Adding Drawing Objects into a Worksheet

·         Adding Smart Art into a Worksheet

·         Adding Clip Art into a Worksheet


Managing Large Workbook

·         Managing Large Workbooks

·         Printing Worksheets

·         Setting Page Setup Options

·         Setting Page Breaks


Customizing & Enhancing Workbooks

·         Customizing Excel to the Way You Work

·         Creating Hyperlinks

·         Working with Workbook Themes

·         Working with Templates

Look Up functions

Vlook up

H Lookup

Using a near match in lookup

Lookups nested within Lookups

Pivot tables 1

      Creating Pivot charts & tables,

      Using pivot tables & different styles

      Grouping, slicers, calculations & summary by different type of metrics

      Dealing with empty cells

Pivot tables 2

      Creating multiple Pivot tables on same data base

      Managing Pivot tables (Moving/deleting/sorting/Refreshing)

      Filter options in report

      Controlling grand totals and sub totals


Class Delivery:


      Live interactive sessions. Students can ask questions & get live answers.

      Practical things will be taught live by teacher through screen share

      Students can upload their practice sheets to get teacher feedback even after the class


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