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Overview : French is the second most language spoken around the globe. Learn a Language—Not Just Words. The Complete package is a unique, truly multi-media program in French that takes you from beginner to advanced level in one convenient package. This class teaches you to speak a new language, not just memorize vocabulary words. This class presents the language in a natural and systematic way, combining linguistic science and proven techniques.

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Course Description and Objective

To impart knowledge of French language course content individually tailored to individuals level and degree of fluency in French together with your aims and objectives. You can, therefore, rest assured that your French course will be delivered in a most effective and professional manner. This class is designed :

  • Alphabets, Introductions,Accents, Pronunciation guide, activity
  • Revision, Counting, Months of the year, Dates
  • Articles, Identifying and object and person, and exercises
  • Common day to day Conversation, Subject pronoun, verb conjugation “Etre” and “Avoir”
  • Exercise base on two verbs, Sentence making, negation, and interrogation & expressing likes and dislikes
  • Grammar and Vocabulary sessions
  •  Family members and Possessive Adjectives
  • How to tell time?
  • Introduction of family
  • Future Proche Tense , exercises and asking question 
  • Dialogue practice between friends
  • Informal Letter writing
  • Imperative tense, Direction, Passe Composer (Avoir) with exercises
  • Passe Composer (Etre) with exercisesDialogue in a Resto,Comparative sentences, Demonstrative adjectives
  • Artitive Articles and their us
  • Talking in a restaurant (Dialogue)
  • Reflexive verb (Present tense) , daily routine
  • Imperative and Past tense of reflexive verbs
  • Reserving a room in a hotel (Dialogue)
  • Letter writing on vacation
  • Asking for Enrollment in a club , Describing house and furniture
  • Direct Object pronouns, Indirect Object Pronouns
  • Some more practice for letter writing and dialogue.
  • Practice session of DELF A1 test 
  • Practice session of DELF A1 test

Class Delivery:

  • With Online learning you get to experience the atmosphere of a classroom right at your desk and be trained by an experienced person.
  • You can see the teacher on your screen and interact with her using headphones and a mic.
  • You can even see the notes he makes on your screen.
  • The study material will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • PDFs and PPTs would be shared during the class.
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