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Chess Strategies - Intermediate

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Overview : Chess is not about Kings, Queens, and Rooks. It is about lines and angles, weighing options and making decisions. Chess might just be the perfect teaching and learning tool which provides cognitive acceleration for people of all age group who are taught the game in a slow, structured way. It is the ideal place for young players to learn the secrets of the mind game.

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Course Description and Objective
Once you complete the beginners level, you can easily learn the rules and tricks to be followed while playing the intermediate & advanced Level. In this class you will learn:

Course Overview

-  Introducing Chess 102 and about the course outline in a nutshell

Benefits of this course

- What you can expect to get out of this course

Completing Development First

- The importance of developing all your pieces first before attacking

Punishing Bad Openings

- How should you take advantage of an opponent who has played a bad opening

Queenside Castling

 When to Queen side castle and it’s importance

 Aggressive openings (Fried Liver Attack)

- An introduction to the Fried Liver Attack as a popular and aggressive opening line for White

How to Defend against Fried Liver Attack

- What to do when you are Black, and playing against the Fried Liver Attack


- Test your knowledge in everything taught so far. 7 Questions related to the topics above


- Explanation of what is a fork and the power of a fork


- Explanation of what is a pin and the power of a pin


- Explanation of what is a skewer and the power of a skewer 

Discovered Attacks

- Explanation of what is a discovered attack and its power 

Double Check

Explanation of what is a double-check and its power


- Test your knowledge in everything taught so far. 7 Questions related to the topics above
 Strategical Thinking

Pawn Structures 

- An explanation about the different type of pawn structures – Doubled pawns, isolated pawns

Outpost squares

- What is an outpost and how can you make use of outpost squares for your pieces

Counting pieces

- Calculating when you have a material advantage

Making a short-term plan

- How to create a plan after developing all your pieces.


- Test your knowledge in everything taught so far. 7 Questions related to the topics above
-Things to know in the Endgame

Runaway Pawn

- Using your extra pawn to win in the end game

Kings come out

- Learning how to activate the king and make it a fighting piece in the endgame

Escort the pawn

- Helping your extra pawn to reach the last square to be able to promote to another piece

Checkmating with A Queen and King

- Technique on how to checkmate with a Queen + King

Checkmating with 2 Rooks

- Technique on how to checkmate with 2 Rooks

 Stalemate and 3-move repetition

- Concept of stalemate and 3-move repetition explained


- Test your knowledge about this section. 7 Questions – finding the best move

A special pawn capture – “En Passant” 

- What is En Passant and what are the rules of En Passant?


- Test your knowledge about En Passant

Class Delivery:

  • Live Interactive session with teacher on webcam 
  • Take feedback from your teacher during & after the class
  • Chess will be taught through online chess software & strategies will be taught through screen sharing
  • If learning at home is your preference; this is the class for you, It helps you to develop your Chess skills.

Who Should Attend
  • Students completed the 'Beginner's Level'  or having equivalent knowledge will be qualified for the 'Intermediate & Advanced Level'
  • Chess is a fun game for everyone. So, anyone who have an interest to learn this mind Game are welcome to attend
  • Children from 9 years onwards  
Course Outcomes
  • After attending this course you'll come to know all the basic techniques of Chess and you can play Chess with much more accuracy
  • It can raise your IQ
  • It exercises both sides of brain
  • Once student clear this beginners level, then he/she can moves to intermediate level of course.
  • Should have knowledge of Beginners Level
  • A passion to learn 
  • Chessboard
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