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Our Teachers for this Class
Kishwar Nahid

5 Years experience with Master's degree in English Literature, Train The Trainer Certification (Dale Carnegie) & Specialize in Personality Development

Jasmine Kharal

Jasmine is a professionally certified English trainer in various courses viz. Spoken & Written English, Soft Skills Development (includes Personality Development), Office Communication (Presentation S...

Sujata Wadhwa

English & Soft Skills Trainer and consultant with Cambridge CELTA, M.A. (English), B.Ed., pursuing PhD in ELT, researcher with 14 years of experience. She is a pioneer in finding exceptional solution ...

Spoken English Course

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Overview : Do you feel left out when you are in a group of people speaking English fluently? Or you feel embarrassed and hesitant while conversing in English because your English is not perfect . Don't worry, WifiClasses has come to your rescue with this short and affordable class where you can brush up your grammar rules and speak confidently.

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Course Description and Objective
The main focus of this course is on pursuing spoken English communication skills, fluency, pronunciation, English grammar, English vocabulary, everyday conversation. So let’s see the main reasons you get scared of speaking a foreign language and what you can do to overcome it. 

1. Self-introduction
Conversation practice -how to greet people in formal and informal situations , Meeting after a long time

2. Parts of speech
Get the main idea of how to put words into sentences and create dialogues

3. Adverb of frequency
How and when to use words like: always, usually, regularly, normally, often, sometimes, occasionally, rarely, seldom, never are adverbs of frequency - how often/ do you often 

4. Expressing likes and dislikes 
Conversation practice -Situation: At a store, Accepting and Declining invitation

5. Wh words – who, where, what, when, how 
Conversation practice -Booking a table at a restaurant, Phone booking at PVR for movie

6. Adjectives - to Describe People, Places & Things

7. How to use - Preposition 
Talking about friends, hobbies and interest

8. Essential vocabulary
Invitations,Meeting again,Telephoning

9. Verb - Tense
Story reading and question answer session

10. Simple past tense & Simple future tense
Story reading and question answer session,Talking about the future

11. Present progressive tense
Conversation practice - At the Railway Station/ Bus Station, Vacation 

12. Past progressive tense & Future progressive tense
Conversation practice - Making Request,  Invitation, Apologizing , Two friends, telling his first day in college, A friend talking to another friend who recently met with an accident

13. Regular & irregular verb, Perfect tense - past participle
Conversation practice -Booking a hotel – Picture dialogue

14. Past perfect tense Story reading and question answer session
Conversation practice - At the bank, At the departmental store

15. Future perfect tense Story reading and question answer session
Extempore Speech

16. Present perfect progressive tense
Conversation practice- At the super market, shopping, Ordering coffee, at the doctor’s office, Asking Directions

17. Future perfect progressive tense, looking into future
Conversation practice Catching Up After Class, At the movies,Giving your Opinion,Letter Writing

18. Letter Writing 
Conversation practice -Making an appointment, Ordering Coffee

19. Direct and indirect speech
Conversation practice -English course application role-play

20. Extempore speech
Conversation practice- 2 cousins, congratulating on his achievement in Civil Services, Father & son, Son staying in hostel

21. Talking about Personality development
Conversation practice- Discussing about Career,  At the medical shop

Test on Every Saturday

Class Delivery:

  • Students will be taught through screen share and whiteboard.
  • Live Interactive session with teacher on webcam.
  • Take feedback from your teacher during & after the class.
  • If learning at home is your preference; this is the class for you!
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1 years ago

It was a pleasure for me for getting connected with Wificlasses. Teacher quality is really good.

1 years ago

good interacting classes ......teacher is very good.....

1 years ago

good interacting classes

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