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Bhushan Kulkarni

Personal Details
City Pune
State Maharashtra, 411002
Country India
Date of Birth December 25, 1979
Gender Male
About Bhushan Kulkarni

Bhushan is PMP certified Civil Engineer. He has experience of about 10+ years handling the clients from USA and India. He has worked as an Engineer and Trainer. He is passionate about empowering young people. He loves to solve the Rubik's cube and he is also a Rubik's cube Trainer. He is practicing Meditation since many years and also have learned it for many teachers. Bhushan is author of following blogs - 1) Dr Secure Web - Your Social Media Specialist 2) Cad Manager Official Blog Bhushan also works as a Social Media Consultant. Bhushan is from Pune, India. He loves to read books and listen music. Bhushan also runs a group on Facebook named Empowering Young People in Civil Engineering and on Linkedin as Jobs in Civil

Teaches Chess & in addition teaches Chess

PMI, USA (PMP) in 2012